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Weekly Sessions

Weekly Sessions

Weekly Intervention

This academic year we launched weekly intervention sessions for all of Key Stage 3. As a school we recognize the complex needs of our young people and we want to ensure the delivery of a holistic curriculum. These intervention sessions take place during Drama and Music, meaning that both of these subjects are offered every other week.

During terms 1 and 2 we have offered a range of intervention; pre-teaching of subject vocabulary, language enrichment sessions, social skills sessions and auditory memory sessions. Alongside this we have also trialled the popular Lego therapy with some of our learners. We are currently planning to offer Lego therapy to a wider variety of Learners and also put in place a ‘Speed Up’ handwriting intervention. Within intervention slots we are targeting skills that may present as a barrier to classroom learning and we do so in a small group setting. This gives our Learners opportunities to practise skills in a small, safe environment. This has been a pilot period of intervention and we look forward to refining and expanding what is currently on offer.