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Speech & Language

Speech & Language

Assisting young people to communicate effectively

The Speech and Language Therapist works with individual learners, small groups and school staff to ensure that our learners reach their communication potential. Learners with a variety of difficulties receive support:

  • Difficulties with language and communication due to being on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD)
  • Difficulties pronouncing words (Speech Sounds)
  • Difficulties with fluency of speech
  • Difficulties with understanding (receptive) and using (expressive) language – Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

The Speech and Language Therapist works in collaboration with the National Health Service Speech and Language Therapy Team, through termly meetings, making referrals where appropriate and joint running of intervention. As a school we value joint working and the provision in school is not designed to run in isolation from the NHS Service. If your child receives therapy, they may have involvement from both therapists who will jointly plan the intervention.


The Speech and Language Therapist in school also aims  to work jointly with SEAL Tutors, class teachers, teaching assistants and other professionals e.g. Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist.

  • Team-working
  • 1:1 Therapy
  • Group intervention in class
  • Group intervention outside the classroom
  • Termly check-ins

Parents will be kept informed of any progress/decisions through a review report for Learners receiving individual therapy.  The on-site SALT will also be available at parent evenings and Annual Review meetings when required. We also welcome parents making contact at any time. Due to a high proportion of our learners having statemented needs for SLCN, the Speech and Language Therapist in school works on a consultancy basis, where teachers and SEAL Form Tutors are free to liaise for advice at any point.

Accessing Support

Intervention usually lasts for 2 terms and is then reviewed. If the learner has made good progress they will have a therapy break and their needs will be reviewed at the beginning of the next new term. If SLCN is having a significant impact on the learner’s daily life/progress in school, therapy will continue on a termly basis.

Each Learner receives a screen for SLCN upon entry to the school and SEAL Form Tutors are also free to make a school based referral where needed. If parents would like their child to access support they should liaise with their SEAL Form Tutor.