Rivermead School
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School Community

School Community

Our learners find that it is fun to be an active member of the community. Within school we have numerous opportunities to enjoy working and playing together.

Our learners elect their representatives to the school council which plays a very active role in all aspects of school life. They contribute to decision making and planning for the future. As part of their responsibility they have a budget of their own to purchase games and equipment for leisure use.

The School Council leads the school’s charitable fund raising and we are very proud of their creativity and commitment which has raised a lot of money for good causes.

For information about when our School Council meetings are held, please check our School Calendar.


Our code of conduct below was written by learners and staff together and is regularly reviewed by them. It summarises what we wish for our community.

In Rivermead we:

  • Respect one another showing this in the way we speak to one another, the way we treat one another and the way we look after each other’s property.
  • Believe that everyone’s ideas are valuable and listen to each other.
  • Work hard and allow others around us to work hard as well.
  • Look after our environment.
  • Care about one another, support and help each other and provide a welcoming atmosphere for all.
  • Believe that everyone has a right to be safe and to feel safe.

Respect school rules because they support the smooth running of our school and ensure that all are safe.