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Pastoral Care & Home School Liason

Pastoral Care & Home School Liason

At Rivermead we put pastoral support at the centre of what we do.  All staff have pastoral responsibility for our learners. Each individual learner is in a small tutor group (referred to as a SEAL form group) where the tutor is responsible for the learners within their group. This person is the first point of contact for parents and carers as this person knows the learner best in school. This tutor teaches their group Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) for the first lesson every day and leads on the Young Persons review of the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) held every year.

The school has a Pastoral Support Assistant who also works as the home-school liaison. This member of staff can give extra support to young people who need it in school and sometimes will become the home-school contact for a short period. This member of staff is also key in supporting work experience and life skills within the school.

The Assistant Headteacher –Learner Support oversees the pastoral system within the school. They will observe the young person before they join Rivermead and attend where possible their annual review in year 6. They will also attend/chair some annual reviews in school and the 6th form partnership. The Assistant Headteacher-Learner Support works with the learner, SEAL tutor and Pastoral Support Assistant to ensure that the young person can flourish and develop into an active member of society.

Should you need to contact any of the staff mentioned above, please contact our school office.

At Rivermead we endeavour to develop a partnership with parents and carers to enable the young person to achieve with an appropriate level of independence.