Rivermead School
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Our Mission, Vision, Ethos & Values

Our Mission, Vision, Ethos & Values


  • We believe that every young person, whatever their age or ability, has the potential to progress, both academically and as a well-rounded young adult.
  • We believe that an inclusive approach is achieved through holistic and individualised pathways to teaching and learning.
  • We believe that every achievement should be shared and celebrated.
  • We believe that the inclusion of staff, parents, and governors, the wider community and learners should create a 'sense of belonging’.
  • We believe that a safe, calm and nurturing environment, where respect for each other is paramount, is the best place to learn and succeed.
  • We believe that Rivermead embeds and believes the importance of social, moral, spiritual, culture and 'life in modern Britain'. We celebrate this through enrichment, the broad curriculum, daily SEAL, thought for the week, PSHE, and daily assemblies.


We want to enable young people to progress and have every life opportunity to the very best of their ability in a complete holistic way. At Rivermead it is about the ‘person’, the complete ‘person’, to ensure that no one falls through the net. We value our learners equally whatever the difference in their abilities or behaviours and believe that every child matters.

We want every child to be able to engage actively in learning and so able to reach their full potential in all areas of school life knowing that they are cared for and supported.

We celebrate every success and want our learners to be happy to come to school and we provide a range of educational, social and cultural activities that will allow them to flourish.

We will celebrate our school ethos by presenting the school as ‘our school’ so that each individual; learners, staff, parents and governors feel that they have a sense of belonging a sense of togetherness like a big family.

We have high expectations through a close partnership between learners, staff, governors and parents.


Our vision is to take Rivermead from Good to Outstanding securing the progress that we have already made. To ensure our school is outstanding we will raise standards by actively ensuring each student’s learning is as good as it can be, steering a range of approaches adapted specifically to each learner.

We will ensure that impact of learning is outstanding. We will be robust introducing a new performance management tool ensuring that targets are set, for all staff that are challenging to get the very best for our learners.

Accountability is key and all teachers are expected to work to the target of two sub-levels of achievement for each of their learners. Where progress is identified as slow they will introduce strategies and support to address identified weaknesses. Middle leaders will ensure that they take a pivotal role, whole school, in teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Reading will be highlighted, to enable each learner the best opportunity to access the curriculum and life opportunities by being able to read to an effective level. In line with this we will develop our library to ensure that we have a range of resources, which will be age appropriate to advance our learners knowledge and understanding. We will complete the adaptions to the performance hall and adapt the lower half to a fully fitted gym to benefit our learners.

We recognise the importance of social, moral, spiritual and physical development as well as academic achievement in ‘closing the gap’. We will create enrichment opportunities in line with teaching and learning to further advance the knowledge and understanding of our learners and the Governors will work with us to pursue this. Due to increasing demand for places we will see some expansion in Key Stage 3 this positions us nearer to our ideal intake of 20 learners per year, in line with Medway’s SEN plan.

Our ambition is to explore opportunities to support children with mental health problems and contribute to the well-being and success for everyone to do well by us working in partnership with other schools across Medway and in partnership with other agencies.

We want our learners in years 12 and 13 to develop more independence to enable them to go on to succeed in further education, employment, training and give them resilience in this world. We will work on sustaining links within the Rivermead/Mid-Kent Partnership.

We want a Rivermead learner to develop the skills to become employable, self-confident and to be able to contribute in a positive way to their community. We will continue to develop this in all areas of our work as well as discretely in our work experience programme, college link programme and our life-skills teaching. We are passionate about our progression and enjoy in the continuing quest for excellence for the future to enable learners to progress to the very best that they can be.