Rivermead School
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Intervention & Therapy

Intervention & Therapy

At Rivermead we recognise the complex needs of our learners and we offer a range of therapies to meet these needs. We have a fully qualified, Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered and experienced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (SALT), and a fully qualified Art Therapist working on site at the school, who also works alongside a team of teaching assistants who were appropriate, are trained in delivering intervention. See below for more information.

We also have an onsite fully qualified Art Therapist working on site collaboratively with SEAL tutors to identify leaners who would benefit from a coursed of art therapy.

We have developed close links with the local NHS Occupational Therapy Team to advise and guide intervention to highlight / improve learners sensory, fine (small) and gross (big) motor skills.

On top of the current provision mentioned above, Rivermead will be expanding the Therapy Provision to include Play and Music Therapy to ensure we are meeting the holistic needs of all our learners. These developments are planned for the next academic year – further information will be provided.