Rivermead School
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Dress Code

Dress Code

School Uniform

Compulsory ItemsOPTIONAL ITEMS
Black Blazer with School Badge (Badges can be purchased from the school office)Black Trousers/Skirt (skirts to be below the knee)Black Jumper, with or without Rivermead Logo
White Blouse/ShirtBlack Cardigan, with or without Rivermead Logo
SEAL Tie (Ties can be purchased from the school office)Please note, jumpers and cardigans can be worn underneath blazer
Plain Black Shoes

Physical Education

Compulsory ItemsOPTIONAL ITEMS
Plain white Polo Shirt (no slogans or  brand logos), with or with Rivermead LogoWINTER: black or navy blue sweatshirt with or without Rivermead logo
WINTER: black or navy blue jogging trousers
SUMMER: black or navy blue shorts for summer

Embroidery Service

Earn Tesco Clubcard points by using their Uniform Embroidery Service with F&F – for more information please download this leaflet – Tesco uniforms or follow this link to order: www.clothingattesco.com/medway/rivermead-school/invt/134150

Remember F&F donates 5% of sales on all products bought from our schools web page directly back to the school.

Valuable’s and Jewellery

Jewellery is not allowed with the exception of a watch and anyone with pierced ears may wear small plain gold/silver studs. No jewellery is to be worn at any time during PE/Staying Healthy lessons. There should be no make-up worn and fingernails should not be painted or have false/acrylic nails on them. These are for reasons of health and safety.

Although it is not unusual for young people to experiment with hair colour it must remain inconspicuous and a natural shade otherwise your child will be asked to rectify this. Where possible the colour should be a natural block colour, although we appreciate that some people like to have highlights added to their hair, but again these must be in a natural shade.

All uniform and other property such as watches must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. We accept no responsibility for the loss of any items.

At times learners may carry media items such as iPads, music players and headphones, etc., onto the minibus. This we accept to assist learners with travel anxieties; however to keep these items safe they must be given in to the office in a clear named bag.

Should learners choose not to hand in items as suggested, we accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of any items.