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Barcelona School Trip News

Barcelona School Trip News

Through passport control, collected bags just customs to go then out to find the minibuses!


We have landed!


Take off in approx 15 mins then 2hrs predicted flying time


We boarded the plane fine now getting ready to take off


Through baggage drop and security having a little drink and rest in the departure lounge. Rivermead learners have never been so quiet - mind you they are eating their weight in duty free sweets!


We have arrived at the airport


On our way to the airport now 


3rd night completed. All have been fed - half at casa Uden, half at casa Andrews! Bags are packed and we are praying the gift shop opens before we leave as we didn't get a chance to shop yesterday (fingers are crossed). See you all soon - will update on here with our journey's progress. 


We have just enjoyed a 2 hour civllised meal, all sat together and having great conversations around the table. With admiring glances coming from the other customers and the staff. Our lerners are fantastic.


Two nights ago most learners were eating pizza tonight there were orders for steak, paella, risotto, calamari and not a pizza in site. All learners ordered in Spanish with por favor and gracias in abundance. Enrichment comes in many different formats



Trying Muscles


Trying Paella


Trying Calamari


We have travelled back to the campsite on the bus - only 1hr this time lol boys are happy they are back in daylight to play a little football. Time to pack up ready to return tomorrow in a little while.


Everyone is safe, having a wonderful time in the sunshine


We have travelled on the Spanish Metro to the Aquarium. We had a snack of a hot drink and a cake before looking at the fish. Owen really enjoyed his chocolate cake! We have seen some protesters marching past but all was peaceful and we are safe.


On the Spanish Metro


Kyle trying out his Spanish and a few of us at the Aquarium


So far I have been told I have a very placid family by a shopkeeper – my Spanish isn’t good enough to tell her different! I am also very proud of all our learners as we have been caught in traffic due to protesters blocking the main road into Barcelona. No one has moaned or complained about how long we are on the bus for. They are being a real credit (or we wore them out yesterday?!)


Good morning.

Everyone had a good night and have been well fed this morning. We are making our way back into Barcelona and going to the Aquarium.


We have been out for another gorgeous meal at the restaurant. Playing board games and chilling now before getting ready for bed and another action packed day tomorrow.


Lots of walking done, topped up with fluids on the way back to the bus. Now on the bus traveling back to the accommodation. Another meal in the park restaurant tonight – how many pizzas tonight?


We are inside the Sagrada Familia. The stain glass windows are stunning and provide fantastic patterning to the internal columns. We are taking an audio tour at present.


All fed and watered at a Spanish McDonald's. Off to the unfinished cathedral next.


Arrived at Park Guell, gorgeous sunshine. Enjoying  the mosaic arcitecture. 


Everyone had a good night. We have had breakfast and are now on the bus travelling to Barcelona for our first visit to Park Guell.


We have arrived at the campsite


Please see some pictures from the Barcelona school Trip




We have Landed Safely


We are up in the air


All Learners and Staff have now Boarded


All Learners and Staff are safely through bag drop of and security.


Please see below a letter regarding the Barcelona trip



Regarding the Barcelona Trip - As you are no doubt aware The Catalan government has recently declared its independence from Spain, as a result there have been some demonstrations in Barcelona.  As a school we are keeping a close eye on the situation and regularly looking at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for travel advice.  As such, at the moment, we are continuing with the trip. We will ensure we keep you informed of any change to the situation.  Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.