Rivermead School
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6+6 Outreach

6+6 Outreach

Rivermead provides outreach to children, in full-time education, aged 4 – 16 years who are currently unable to access school because of their medical needs.

Provision includes:

  • Home learning for those who are too ill to attend outside of home
  • Bedside education for those whose stay in Medway Maritime Hospital in excess of five days
  • A reintegration unit (6+6) for those, due to their emotional needs, require support to return to school. This provision is currently for 11 – 16 year olds only. See below for more information about this provision or for reintegration data

We also provide advice to schools about how to support pupils with medical needs.

Referrals to any of these provisions are from the child’s current school. Referral forms are available from the school office, contact us. All referrals must be supported by medical evidence.


The 6+6 Unit is an Outreach service provided for learners who have psychiatric needs supported by Tier 3 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Canada House or Gatland House).

We provide a safe, productive and supported learning environment to enable learners to re-engage with their education. Reintegration is supportive and proactive for the learner, parent/carer and home school.

The initial period is up to 6 weeks in our unit and following this there will be an assessment followed by a further 6 weeks of increasing periods of reintegration.

Our approach though is flexible and responsive to the individual’s and home school’s needs.

Please download one of our leaflets for more information or for statistical information on the unit.